07: “Am I having a stroke?!”

Eana Mokri - The Avatar and Na'vi Podcast
Eana Mokri - The Avatar and Na'vi Podcast
07: "Am I having a stroke?!"

This episode’s topics:
1:09 Podcast News: Eana Mokri’s new website eanamokri.com; Eana Mokri now also available on Apple Podcasts / iTunes
2:27 Avatar News: Michelle Yeoh joins the Avatar sequels cast as scientist Dr. Karina Mogue
15:42 Space News: First picture of a black hole has been made public
33:42 Featured Member: Plumps
1:00:57 Discussion in Na’vi, today’s word of the cast: txampay

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Michelle Yeoh casted as Dr. Karina Mogue: https://twitter.com/officialavatar/status/1117819988541415424
First picture of a black hole: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/resources/2319/first-image-of-a-black-hole/

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