06: “Professional Podcast”

Eana Mokri - The Avatar and Na'vi Podcast
Eana Mokri - The Avatar and Na'vi Podcast
06: "Professional Podcast"

This episode’s topics:
1:20 Brendan Cowell joins the cast for the Avatar sequel(s); Valley of Mo’ara OST now available on Spotify; Vin Diesel visits Avatar movie set
9:40 “Tsu’tey’s Path” issue #3
21:56 Featured Member Spotlight: Wllìm
45:30 Na’vi language practice: word of the cast: sìlpey

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Want to learn the Na’vi language or just chat with us about Avatar and Pandora?
Kelutral.org: http://kelutral.org

Wllìm’s very helpful website with lots of cool Na’vi language tools: https://wimiso.nl/conlangs/

Get your copy of “Tsu’tey’s Path” here: https://www.darkhorse.com/Search/tsu%27tey

We’re open for suggestions! If you have any, please leave them in the comment section below :D

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