Featured Members


Do you want to become a Featured Member and be interviewed by us? Then you’ll have to…

When you’ve been chosen to be the next Featured Member, you’ll be contacted by us before recording (usually one to two weeks beforehand) so you and we can prepare the interview accordingly. Depending on how many people are waiting, this could take a little while though ;)
Here’s the info text with all the interview questions (not all of them might be asked, but it would be good to prepare answers for all of them).


Overview of past Featured Members:

Featured Member Name Episode Number & Title Episode Date
Txawey 02 “Next time on Eana Mokri…” Feb 06, 2019
Pamìrìk 03 “This is lesson one…” Feb 20, 2019
Wllìm 06 “Professional Podcast” Apr 17, 2019
Plumps 07 “Am I having a stroke?!” May 06, 2019
Eana Unil 11 “Aynga lu lekye’ung” Jul 21, 2019 
Toni te Ayrawng Terisa’ite 12 “Light episode… yet exciting, too” Aug 04, 2019
Tuna Yayo 13 “When I was getting my *beep* on” Aug 22, 2019
Alìm Tsamsiyu 14 “Join the Nävis” Sep 07, 2019
Alyara Arati 22 “Full House! + Na’vi Writing Contest 2020” Apr 07, 2020