23: “Going off into another topic…”

Eana Mokri - The Avatar and Na'vi Podcast
Eana Mokri - The Avatar and Na'vi Podcast
23: "Going off into another topic..."

Weird times, weird timing and breaks, but finally another episode (wich was recorded on April 27th)! :D We hope you enjoy :)

This episode’s topics:
02:00 intro to language updates and Na’viteri listening exercises
02:57 three listening exercises by Neytiri, Plumps and Mako on NT
22:03 Na’viteri language and grammar updates (fura, tsara, mei etc.)
40:29 Pawl on having fun with using the language in a meme-ish way (sranänge, name si etc.)
48:46 confusion on negating Adjectives and Participles with ke- + Participles as predicates
57:26 tsun – can both mean “can” and “may” (ability and permission)
1:03:30 questions + topical and intonation

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