Eana Mokri – Featured Member Sign-Up Form

Do you want to appear as a featured member inside one of our episodes? You can use this form to sign up for it!
We will "collect" candidates and contact you via Discord or e-mail once it's your turn :D

FYI, if you don't use Audacity (or similar) or are not willing to stay up late/get up early for recording, it won't be a "make-or-break" situation, since we can work around that. Yet, the other points are somewhat essential :P

Btw, recording most likely will take place on Sundays. Once you've been "chosen" to appear in the next episode, we'll contact you in time to make sure everything is all set up and ready to go.

I want to sign up as a featured member. Here's my Discord handle and my e-mail-address:

I have a working microphone set up, so I'll be able to speak in voicechat and be interviewed.

I have Discord (desktop app) installed and ready to go. If not, I'm willing to get it.

I'm willing to attend the respective recording session no matter the time of day (for this, timezones won't matter to me).

I have a stable internet connection (at least stable and fast enough for lag-free voicechat in Discord).

I have Audacity (or a similar program) installed and know how to use it in order to record my own voice.

I'm able to understand English on an advanced conversational level and am able to speak it on at least an intermediate level.

I have read the preparation sheet with questions etc. and will prepare myself for being interviewed.
Anything else you might want to add? Let us know!

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